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Changes of main fuse

You want to change the size of the main fuse, the number of phases or the location of the connection point. Read more

Reconstruction of an electrical network

You want to change the location of the connection board or relocate the power grid. Read more

Permit to operate in a protection zone

Operating in the protection zone of the power line requires the permission of the line owner. Read more

Coordination of construction projects

Planned activities will take place in the protection zone of the electricity network and will require coordination. Read more

Network location data

Information and data for the preparation of a building design or identification of cables in the property. Read more

Pinpointing the electrical cables

Find out where the electrical cables are located on the property Read more

Technical conditions

Electricity distribution requirements that the planned electricity system must meet. Read more

Electricity test

A fast and cheap overview of the electrical system at your home. Read more

Switching service

Switching electricity in and out in the point of consumption. Read more

Installing a meter

You need a new reading point in an apartment building or you want to change the meter location. Read more


A filling service must be ordered to remove or install fillings. Read more

Electricity consumption data

The consumption statement is required when applying for the energy performance certificate and carrying out the energy audit. Read more

Reactivation of the network connection

The network connection must be restored when there is no network contract and the power is off. Read more

Temporary connection for construction

Once we have built a network connection and you need electricity to build a house, we have a solution for you in the form of a junction box. Read more

Temporary network connection

Junction box rental is a quick and easy solution that provides a short-term electricity supply in a place where there is no permanent network connection. Read more

Joint access to the network

Provides an opportunity to use Elektrilevi's network for the joint use of street lighting, communication network, signposts etc. Read more