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Temporary network connection

Junction box rental is a quick and easy solution that provides a short-term electricity supply in a place where there is no permanent network connection and where it is not reasonable to use a generator.

From house construction to sporting events

Junction box rental is useful, for example, for sporting events, open-air performances and bridge/road repairs where it is not reasonable to use a generator. We can offer a junction box for rent if the supply point is sufficiently close to Elektrilevi's network.

Consumption history provides a good overview

  1. 1

    Quick solution

    The installation of the junction box in a protected zone takes 4–10 days. We will supply power on the same day.

  2. 2

    Full service

    We offer a full service from the installation to the removal of the junction box. We will also draw up the required documents.

  3. 3

    Favourable price

    It is reasonable to rent a junction box rather than a generator if you need electricity for several days.

How does it work?

We can only offer temporary junction box rental in places where a junction box can be installed next to the switchboard of a substation or on the mast of a power line. We will connect a temporary junction box to the electricity network with a meter, socket and residual-current device. An extension cable is needed to supply electricity to your temporary place of consumption.

How much does the rental of a temporary junction box cost?

The rental of a temporary junction box is a full service without any additional construction costs. The price includes the preparation of a technical solution, the required connections and materials for up to 6 months.

6 months

Up to 35 A


6 months

40-63 A


Extending by

1-30 days


The price includes the required connections and materials for a ‘socket' of up to 63 A for up to 6 months. Also includes an electrical installation audit. The price of the electricity consumed and a network fee will be added.

Temporary network connection from other electricity companies

The construction of a temporary network connection, where there is no permanent place of consumption, can also be ordered from another electricity company. This means that the electricity company of your choice will install a temporary switchboard for you, which will be dismantled later. The temporary network connection and connection point must be constructed at your own expense and in accordance with Elektrilevi's technical condition.
Network connection, disconnection and meter installation are paid services see the price list here

The temporary network connection can be used for a maximum of six months, subject to a subscription, until the permanent network connection is completed.