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Reconstruction of an electrical network

There could be several reasons for reconstructing an electrical network in the course of its relocation or while changing the location of the connection point.

For example, when you want to transfer the connection point to the border of your property.

Relocation of a junction box

We can relocate a junction box on your property if it is in the way of a new gate or something similar. We will agree on the new location when we do the work.

How much does it cost to reconstruct an electricity network?

The cost of reconstruction varies from site to site and depends on the volume of work required. The price will be specified while drawing up the quotation. Some sample prices and work descriptions have been given below.


Converting overhead transmission lines to underground cables in order to free the premises


Relocation of a junction box

Can relocation works only be ordered from Elektrilevi?

In some cases you may organise the design and/or construction works of the electricity network yourself. In that case you will need to sign a three-party agreement between Elektrilevi, yourself and a qualified company that you have chosen to do the electrical work.