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Temporary connection for construction

Once we have built a network connection and you need electricity to build a house, we have a solution for you in the form of a junction box for the period of the construction work. You can use the junction box for construction work solution only when your connection is ready.

How does it work?

The junction box does not have a regular socket, which is why you need to buy or order an additional junction box to consume electricity. The additional junction box has multiple sockets that can be used to power several devices at once (including with three-phase voltage). It also has a residual-current circuit breaker that makes it as safe as a regular junction box.

Why should I order a junction box for construction work from Elektrilevi?

Full solution

We will sign a network contract, install a junction box and supply electricity


The junction box for the period of the construction work is removable

Possible to use later on

The junction box will be your property. You can later use it to safely access power outdoors

How much does it cost?

Installation of a junction box, including all the necessary work, within 3 metres of the supply point


Installation of a junction box further than 3 metres from the supply point

6.10 € / m

We will also include a cable protection pipe if required

1.53 € / m

Connecting the shield during construction to the customer's cable

76.25 € / piece

Standard solution for a junction box for construction work