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About Elektrilevi

Elektrilevi is the largest distribution network operator in Estonia, covering 95% of Estonia with the power grid. More than 800 talented top specialists (employees) in our team contribute every day to our endeavours in order to be a reliable partner for our customers and the whole society in ensuring a vital service. We pay special attention to the quality requirements of the service, the continuity of investments and the safety of people, as well as the preservation of the surrounding environment. We keep Estonian homes warm and bright.

We cover 95% of Estonia with electricity grid

We bring electricity to almost all Estonians. Elektrilevi has more than 533,000 electricity network services customers. To ensure electricity supply, we maintain and upgrade 63,000 kilometres of power lines and 25,300 substations throughout Estonia. Of the larger areas, our network area does not only include Narva and its surroundings, where the network service is provided by another distribution network company. In July 2021 Elektrilevi acquired Imatra Elekter. Until the connection, Imatra Elekter will continue to provide network services in its area.

Elektrilevi's promises

We will bring the network to you

As the largest network operator, we maintain and develop networks that cover all Estonia.

We will continue future developments

We will apply our long-term experience and professional employees to create a smart network for society.

All customers matter

We are a caring partner and create convenient e-solutions to make complicated processes simpler.

Our principles of operation

Elektrilevi provides services of strategic importance for society. For this reason we pay special attention to the quality requirements for our service, the safety of our employees and people in general, and also our environmental impact. We follow the equal treatment principle when it comes to the customers, electricity sellers and other parties, and treat the data entrusted to us with care.


We plan the development of the network for several decades in advance and make continuous investments to ensure constant electricity supply. Our investment decisions rely on state-of-the-art big data analysis models that help us to ensure that every euro invested in the power grid has a maximum impact.

Annual reports

Read more about Elektrilevi's economic results and more important activity indicators. The deadline for submitting Elektrilevi's annual report is June 30th. Generally, we will publish the annual report of the previous year by April of the following year.

Analyses and studies

The electricity distribution network is a vital services infrastructure, and the investments in it are considerable and are for decades to come. The planning of the network is influenced by the rapid development of technology, changes in electricity production and consumption patterns, and economic and demographic trends. To make good decisions, it is increasingly important to involve research and development.