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Switching service

You might need the reconnection or disconnection service if the power supply in your home has been disconnected for some reason, or you want to do electrical or construction work in the building that requires disconnection of the power supply for safety reasons. You can also order the disconnection of the power in a metering point in a sealed part of the electrical system.

Disconnection and reconnection of the power supply

The electrician working on your electrical system or the person who maintains your electrical system will notify you of the need to disconnect the power supply. In addition to regular connection and disconnection in the metering point, it sometimes might be necessary to physically disconnect a place of consumption or to deactivate a power line. It may be necessary to disconnect the cables coming into a building if you wish to work safely near a power line to repair a building's façade or similar. Deactivation of a power line may be necessary if you wish to cut tree branches under the power line or connect new wiring to the connection point.

We will make the reconnection within 10 days

NB! You should be present at the reconnection for safety reasons

How much does it cost?

The cost of the reconnection and disconnection service depends on whether the power supply has to be connected or disconnected in the metering point, place of consumption or from a power line.

Reconnection and disconnection in the metering point


Reconnection and disconnection of a place of consumption


Deactivating and activating a power line


NB! You also have to pay for the disconnection and reconnection of electricity if you haven't provided access to the meter, meaning that Elektrilevi has had to disconnect the power supply in your place of consumption.

When will my power supply be reconnected?


the following day

If the place of consumption is disconnected from the power line

up to 8 business days

NB! If electricity has been disconnected due to debt, you must pay the debt and then notify the debt processor (electricity seller) of your wish to be reconnected.