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Main fuse services

You can increase or lower the amperage of a main fuse, replace a single-phase network connection with a three-phase connection, and change the location of the connection point. You can only order works from Elektrilevi.

  • The main fuse amperage should be increased if you wish to use more powerful electrical appliances than your current main fuse allows.
  • If you wish to use a three-phase network connection, you can transfer from a single-phase connection to a three-phase one.
  • The location of the connection point should be changed if your meter is located inside the house and you wish to move it outside, for example, on a pole.

A quick overview of your electrical system with the help of electricity test

Electricity test is a convenient opportunity for getting a fast and cheap initial assessment of your electrical system without the need to call an electrician. This unique digital service will help you to determine the load of the main fuse with the help of a remote meter, which will enable us to provide you with recommendations for reducing or increasing the amperage of the main fuse, and also for a more uniform distribution of load.

When should a main fuse be replaced?

  • Your fuses keep blowing

    This means that the main fuse amperage in your place of consumption is too low and you should increase it.

  • The main fuse amperage is higher than you need, meaning you are overpaying

    If your electricity consumption is lower than actually required, you should consider installing a main fuse with lower amperage.

  • You want to replace your old main fuse with a new one

    Old main fuses might not be reliable, which is why we recommend to replace them with an up-to-date version. The fuse rating may remain the same.

  • You wish to add or divide a main fuse

    Generally required if plots are being joined or divided.

  • You want to transfer from a single-phase to a three-phase network connection

    A three-phase network connection is more modern, powerful and safe.

Increasing the amperage of a main fuse

The amperage of the main fuse should be increased if the fuses keep blowing while using more powerful electrical devices. When the amperage of the main fuse is increased, the fuse is changed at its existing location, while the supply point is not relocated.

Lowering and later restoring the main fuse amperage

You may consider lowering the main fuse amperage if you are using a package with a fixed fee and your electricity consumption has dropped significantly - for example, if you no longer use electric heating, have replaced your household appliances with new and more economical ones, etc. It is important to assess whether your electricity consumption has dropped permanently or temporarily (for example, if you are planning to bring in additional electrical appliances soon, which will lead to increased use of electricity, it is not reasonable to lower the main fuse amperage).

Transfer to a three-phase network connection

If you want access to more modern, powerful and safer electricity, we recommend that you replace a single-phase network connection with a three-phase connection, to switch from 1 x 20 A to 3 x 20 A for example. The service of transferring to a three-phase network connection is available both for detached houses and apartment buildings.

Adding and dividing main fuses

An existing main fuse can be divided when a property is divided. Main fuses on the same property can be added.

Main fuse is obsolete

If your main fuse does not meet the modern requirements – you are still using an old-school fuse or an older circuit-breaker – then it is recommended to swap it out for a modern fuse with equal amperage for the sake of safety. Replacing the main fuse does not require changing its location.

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