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Technical inspection document

A technical inspection document lists the requirements that the planned or designed electric power system shall comply with. This document is required if you want to design an electric power system for a building or prepare a plan of area.

A technical inspection document is required when:

  • You are preparing a design or a spatial plan.
  • You are planning electrical work.
  • You want joint access to the electricity network.
  • You want to build a temporary network connection

We will issue a technical inspection document at the latest in 30 days.

Temporary network connection

A temporary network connection can be necessary when you need electricity before the completion of a permanent connection point or in places where there will be no permanent place of consumption, e.g. during roadwork or at open-air events.

The temporary network connection and connection point have to be built at your own expense and in accordance with Elektrilevi technical requirements. Connection to the network, disconnection and installation of a meter are paid services, see pricelistUsing electricity before the completion of a permanent connection requires an existing connection contract with the first instalment paid.

A temporary network connection can be used for up to six months, in case of an existing connection contract until completion of the permanent network connection. We can offer this in places that have a power network nearby.

How much does it cost to issue a technical inspection document?

The price of a technical inspection document is dependent on what it is used for. Should you require a technical inspection document for any other reason, please fill in an application for a technical inspection document.

Technical inspection documents that are issued free of charge:

  • Standard technical inspection documents
  • Transfer from the old power system of Tallinn to the new power system
  • Connection to a medium-voltage network
  • Technical inspection documents for the design of the electrical system of a building (issued as an exemption upon request)
  • Joint access to the electrical power network

Technical inspection documents that are issued for a charge of 42.57 euros:

  • Designs for buildings and communications (designs that do not require construction of an electrical network)
  • Temporary network connections
  • Preparation of a spatial plan