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Applying for permission to work in a protected zone

The permission of the line owner is always necessary when working in the protected zone of a power line. Uncoordinated forestry, excavation and transport work in the immediate vicinity of power lines endangers both the lives and health of workers. When planning these works, be sure to contact us in advance to determine if there is any overhead line, cable or substation owned by Elektrilev in the area.

Authorization to operate in the protection zone

An application must be submitted to co-ordinate the activities in the protection zone.In the case of an emergency works, attach a diagram or drawing to the application, indicating the area of work.

  • In case of planned works, the project or drawing must be coordinated in advance with Elektrilevi. Please attach the appropriate approval number and date to the application.
  • Unless the project coordination requires summoning a representative, no application for authorization to operate in the protection zone is required.
  • To coordinate oversized cargo, submit an application form to the Road Administration by e-mail.

Send the application at least 10 days before you start any work

What is a protected zone and how far does it reach from a power line or substation?

The protected zone of the power network or a substation is a land area and airspace around the power line or substation where many activities are restricted for safety purposes.

Coordination of activities

Based on your submitted request, we can specify the distance of overhead lines, cables or other equipment belonging to Elektrilev from the location of the works.

How much does it cost?

Pinpointing the location of Elektrilevi's power cable(s)


Price includes up to 1 hour of on-site activity

Coordinating the activities carried out in the protected area of an electric network or substation


Please apply at least 10 working days before the planned work starts

Additional information on coordination

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