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About Elektrilevi

Elektrilevi is the largest distribution network operator in Estonia, covering 95% of Estonia with the power grid. More than 800 talented top specialists (employees) in our team contribute every day to our endeavours in order to be a reliable partner for our customers and the whole society in ensuring a vital service. We pay special attention to the quality requirements of the service, the continuity of investments and the safety of people, as well as the preservation of the surrounding environment. We keep Estonian homes warm and bright.

Our principles of operation

Elektrilevi provides services of strategic importance for society. For this reason we pay special attention to the quality requirements for our service, the safety of our employees and people in general, and also our environmental impact. We follow the equal treatment principle when it comes to the customers, electricity sellers and other parties, and treat the data entrusted to us with care.

Safety and quality

We adhere to the following quality principles in our work:

  • we assure constant supply of electricity by keeping up with the technological progress and by investing into the growth of our employees and partners. We also aim to create an operational environment that supports progress;
  • we provide consistent network services to meet our customers practical needs and all legal requirements;
  • we ensure that the electricity network continues to develop and function efficiently;
  • we apply the principle of equal treatment for all market participants;
  • we provide high quality services and share common customer service principles both with employees working for Elektrilevi and our partner companies.

Equal treatment principles

All market participants should be able to use the electrical network of a network supplier on equal terms. We have established the Equal Treatment Action Plan to ensure equal treatment of customers, electricity sellers and other parties. We update the plan regularly and the Competition Authority confirms whether it has been adhered to.

Processing of customer data

We collect as little customer data as possible, but we must collect the minimum required for us to do our work. For example, we collect your name, personal identity number, contact details, language, consumption point location, consumption data, etc. We need this data primarily so that we can meet the contractual obligations we have to the customer, provide customer services and meet any legal requirements.

Access to customer data is only granted to employees who need the data for their work, so data processing is limited solely to the information necessary for particular tasks.