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Terminating a network contract

If you sell your home or the consumer will change, you have to terminate the network contract by notifying us 30 days in advance. You can submit an application for terminating the network connection in our e-service.

Network contract termination process

  1. 1

    Submit an application to terminate your contract

  2. 2

    Your contract will be terminated either within 30 days or when a new contract has been signed

  3. 3

    We will inform you of the termination of your contract

  4. 4

    Termination of your network contract will also terminate your electricity contract

After submitting an application

  • When there is a new consumer - the contract will be terminated at the latest in 30 days or when the new consumer has signed a contract with us. If the new consumer fails to conclude a network contract with us within 30 days after submission of your application to terminate, your contract will be terminated and we will turn off the power at the place of consumption.
  • When there is no new consumer - after 30 days have passed, the network contract is terminated and the power at the place of consumption is turned off. If you wish to terminate the contract before 30 days have passed, you will have to pay for the service of turning the power off. Where the consumption point has been left without a network contract for a longer period of time, a fee will be charged for restoring  the power supply

The contract has been terminated

  • We will notify you by e-mail or text message when the network contract has been terminated.
  • You don't need to separately submit meter readings as the meters are remotely read.
  • The contract will be terminated with readings taken on the termination date.

What happens to my electricity contract?

  • When a network contract is terminated, the electricity contract for the consumption point is always terminated as well. You do not need to terminate the electricity contract separately.
  • Terminating the electricity contract prematurely may incur additional fees. Please inquire about this with your electricity supplier beforehand.

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