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Planned interruptions

Scheduled interruptions are necessary for the maintenance of the grid and the construction of a new grid. We will always notify you of such interruptions well in advance so you can plan your daily activities. We usually send the initial notification by email or SMS five days before the scheduled interruption. A repeat notification is sent two days before we start the work.

NOTE! We do not send notifications when there is an emergency, such as a rescue operation or life-threatening situation.

How does notifying work?

Before starting the scheduled work, we send our customers a notification stating the time of the work. The initial notification is usually sent five days before.

A repeat notification two days before we start the work. We generally notify you of the upcoming work by email.


There will be a scheduled interruption on 15 January from 10:00 to 14:15 at Jõesuu tänav 3 (network contract No 123098765).

The interruption is necessary due to overhead line maintenance.

The work will be carried out by OÜ Üks-Kaks-Kolm.

Changing the time of the planned interruption

Generally, scheduled interruptions cannot be negotiated. As a rule, interruptions involve many customers, and it is not possible to take everyone's wishes into account. Exceptions are made to priority customers, such as hospitals, schools and nursery schools, with whom we arrange the time of interruptions and/or work separately.

Keep your contact information up to date!

Dear customer! Check our self-service to review the contact details of your interruptions, because this is the only way to get the necessary notifications to you on time!

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