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A well developed network charge creates a more effective and reliable network

The distribution network is a support pillar of modern society and a vital infrastructure that offers the stability, security and comfort necessary for the society. The network is joined more and more by distributed energy producers requiring energy traffic in two directions. At the same time, electric transport needing large capacities is thriving. We also have to consider new types of market participants like energy associations and communities, power saving units, etc.

This kind of changes bring with them new need for network investments. To ensure the reliability and effectiveness of the network, the developments must also be accompanied by the network pricing – so that in ensuring the service and raising the reliability we could offer the maximum effect for each euro.

Public consultations

To ensure that the network service pricing corresponds to the current and future needs of the network and would guarantee the users the best price and quality ratio, we have developed a long term vision for Elektrilevi network charges.

For creating the vision, we held public consultations where we included different parties. Knowing the future developments ahead for a longer time and having a say in the pricing, all affected parties can consider the coming changes in time.

2019. ja 2020. aastal avalike konsultatsioonide tulemusel laekunud ettepanekud ja kommentaarid (pdf)

Main trends in network charges

Directions of network charge development for the next ten years:

  • Price for each consumer group will more and more depend on the costs necessary for that consumer group
  • The share of the fixed charge or network readiness charge is growing
  • Optional packages will be added, which will allow a more favourable network charge outside the peak load times.
  • The network charge will continue to become cheaper in real prices, i.e. compared to the consumers' purchasing power

Due to the changes in pricing, we can offer a more effective and reliable service, and keep the costs and price as a whole as low as possible.