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Transfer of network ownership

The transfer of network ownership is aimed at network owners and housing cooperatives who provide network services to consumers and want to transfer the ownership of the network together with the consumers to us. To do this, reference documentation should be submitted to us, so we could assess the capacity and other specifications of the electric power network to be transferred.

How long does it take to transfer a network?

Above all, this depends on the existence and quality of reference documentation. Elektrilevi can only take over safe networks that have a legal basis and meet the requirements. The time cost depends on whether the documentation has been preserved or the person transferring the ownership of a network has yet to obtain it.

Which documents are required to transfer a network?

  1. 1


    Submit an application with relevant certificates and decisions. You will find a specific list from the table below.

  2. 2

    Consumption points

    Add the list of consumption points to be transferred.

  3. 3

    Technical documentation

    Submit a project of an electric power network, an electrical wiring diagram, an as-built drawing, an audit protocol and an inventory plan.

  4. 4

    Additional documentation

    If necessary, attach a power of attorney or a printout from the state register of construction works.