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Available capacities

The available capacities map provides an overview of the unused resource of medium voltage power lines. The map is based on calculations of medium voltage lines and shows which lines do not need costly distribution network construction works in order to create a new network connection with the displayed capacity, thus helping to plan connections to more efficient locations in terms of both production and consumption.

The capacities shown on the map are for information only. The display of available capacities takes into account existing electricity producers, pending and undeveloped connections, but does not take into account available capacities between the distribution and the transmission network.

The interactive medium voltage line map shows the available production-oriented power lines capacity in different colors. An explanatory legend opens on the top right corner of the map. Zoom in close enough to see available capacities of the power lines on the screen.

NB! The map of available capacities shows indicative information, and the final answer regarding the connection costs can be obtained by submitting a connection application.

Subscription and subscription fee

In the case of an energy-intensive electricity producer and a medium-voltage consumer willing to connect, the connection fee is formed according to the actual costs necessary to build a connection with the desired capacity. In the absence of sufficient capacity, the need to carry out the reconstruction of the distribution network must be taken into account.

The connection of the applicant to the distribution network may reveal that the distribution network operator and the transmission grid operator have to agree on new conditions of consumption and/or production, which may lead to the reconstruction of the transmission grid.

To find the available capacities in the distribution network, see the map application below. To find out the exact connection fee and connection deadline an application must be submitted.

You can submit a connection application via our e-service.

Elering map application e-Gridmap

The transmission grid operator Elering also has an interactive map application for displaying available connection capacities and approximate connection costs in regional substations.

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