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From joint to individual purchase

If the apartment association is currently organising the payment of your network service bills, but the owners want to decide from whom and under which conditions they purchase electricity, the association has to initiate the process of transfer from joint to individual purchase. Please note that for the transfer must comply with requirements, the metering centre.

How to transfer from joint to individual purchase?

If the electricity service is purchased through the apartment association, then all members will be under the same conditions for purchasing electricity. When transferring to individual purchase, every apartment owner can choose from which electricity seller and under which conditions they want to purchase electricity. Only apartment buildings and terraced houses can transfer from joint to individual purchase.

Joint decision

The transfer to individual purchase contracts has to be a joint decision involving all members of the association. The transfer has to cover the whole building. Rooms other than residential premises cannot be transferred to individual purchase, except in the case of garage associations.

Steps involved in transferring from joint to individual purchase

  1. 1

    Building a metering centre

    As the first step to transferring to individual purchase, the apartment association has to build a metering centre that complies with the requirements.

  2. 2

    Submit an application

    Submit an application in the name of the apartment association with a list of the customers requesting individual purchase contracts with the application.

  3. 3

    Changing the meters

    We will have to install new meters in your metering centre.

  4. 4

    Validity of the network contract commences

    We will notify the owner of each place of consumption that the network contract has become valid.