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Network connection

If you want to use electricity at a location where there is no previous connection, a network connection must be built. If you have become the owner of a registered immovable that has no valid network contract and where the power supply has been disconnected, the network connection must be reactivated.

Connecting to a network

A network connection is needed to supply power to a consumption point. In order to connect to the network, you have to submit a connection application, which we will use to prepare a quote. If the quote is acceptable to you, we will build a network connection.

You can submit a connection application via our e-service

You can check the joining options before submitting a joining request.

The connection process

  1. 1

    Submit a connection application and sign a connection contract

    We can use the connection application to prepare a quote. We will sign a connection contract and begin the construction work required for the connection once the first instalment has been paid

  2. 2

    Work needed for the connection

    You should start building your own electrical system during the connection process

  3. 3

    Submit an audit of an electrical installation

    An audit of an electrical installation certifies the safety of an electrical system

  4. 4

    Network contract and supplying electricity

    You can sign a network contract in our e-service. After the contract has been signed, we will supply power to your consumption point

How long does it take to be connected?

Simpler connections

1–2 months

In some cases

up to 12 months

In addition to the construction work, we will also have to prepare a construction design, sign contracts with land owners, apply for approvals with the local government and different authorities and handle many other tasks.

How much does it cost?

The fee depends on the distance of the connection point from an existing substation and your chosen amperage. A contract processing fee will be added to the connection fee.


The average required main fuse amperage for a detached house is 20 A

  • If the distance of a detached house from substation is less than 400 m, the connection fee will be 20 A x 276 €/A = 5520 €.
  • If the distance of a detached house from substation is over 400 m, the connection fee will be calculated on the basis of actual costs

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