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The old power system in Tallinn

Some parts of Tallinn are still supplied by the 3 x 220 V power system, also known as the old power system. This low voltage network built in the 1930s–1960s mainly serves the Central, Kristiine, and North Tallinn city districts, and also buildings in the Old Town. We currently only repair breakdowns in this out-of-date system.

Mandatory connection

For most of the 320 buildings covered by the old system, nearly half of them, we have already built an electricity network with the new voltage system.

For places of consumption where the customer has received notice of the possibility to transfer to the new power system, the customer must connect to the new network within three (3) years.

The advantages of the new power system

Higher security of supply

The new power system allows electricity to be transferred to your place of consumption from different substations. This reduces the number of power outages significantly.

More power

It is possible to consume 1.7 times as much energy with the same main fuse as in the old power system.

Higher quality

The cross-sections of the new cables are larger and the network is built to a supply loop design.

Improved safety

The new voltage and an updated internal electricity system reduces the danger of electrical accidents and fires.

New opportunities

Solar panels can be connected to the new power system.

Who should connect to the new power system?

Customers whose houses and apartments are within the new power system network can already connect to the new system. A new connection must be established within three years after receiving notice from us.

How much does it cost?

Our services for switching to the new power system, including the installation of a junction box, new cable lines to the connection point and the replacement of the meters, are free for you. The required electrical works inside your house have to be carried out at your own expense.

The part of the internal electrical system of the building that is outside the apartments will have to be renovated at your expense. We also recommend all apartment owners update the electrical system inside their apartments.

Renovation subsidy (measure ended)

From April 2015 until 2026, grants are available from KredEx to renovate electrical systems. This means that you will pay up to 50% less to renovate the part of electrical system inside the building that is outside the apartments.

You can read more about the grant for renovating electrical installations on the web page of KredEx

Steps to switching to the new voltage system

If you live in an apartment building, a joint decision is needed to switch to the new voltage system. In a private home, the owner must make the decision.

  1. 1

    Submitting an application

    On the basis of your application we can prepare a technical inspection document and a connection quote.

  2. 2

    Construction work in the external network

    We will install a new input cable and replace the old meters.

  3. 3

    We will install a new input cable and replace the old meters.

    Arrange for the renovation of the internal electrical system of the building in the jointly used areas of the building and order the necessary measurements.