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Storage devices

Notify us of the use of storage devices if the storage devices connected to the network can be charged through the network and the stored electricity can be transmitted back to the network.

To connect production equipment or storage devices to the electricity network, you must first submit a connection applicationIf you are already an electricity producer and wish to add a storage device without changing the terms and conditions of the network contract, you will need to submit a registration application.

Storage device connection application

Submit a connection application if you are connecting your production equipment for the first time and wish to deploy storage devices or change the following conditions in your network contract: 

  • the maximum capacity of production equipment connected to the network and/or
  • the transmission capacity of the network connection during the transmission of electricity to the network.

Storage device registration application

Submit a registration application for a storage device if you wish to deploy storage devices in addition to your production equipment without changing any terms and conditions in your network contract.

It is necessary to register your storage device to ensure that the network connection is secure and that the network operator is aware of the devices used in the network.

You can easily and conveniently submit an application in our self-service environment

  1. 1

    Submit an application

    You can easily and conveniently submit an application in our self-service environment

    Application for changing the production device and/or adding a storage device in the manufacturer's network contract (pdf)
  2. 2

    Review of the application

    We will review your storage device registration application to ensure that the maximum capacity of the devices does not change and that other generation conditions in the network contract remain unchanged. If necessary, we will direct you to also submit a connection application.

  3. 3

    Network agreement amendment and use of the device

    Upon agreement with the information provided, we will send you a confirmation that the storage device has been registered and is ready to use. Upon the addition of a separate network converter for a storage device, you must submit an updated configuration report for the power-generating module.