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Micro-producer (up to 15 kW)

A micro-producer is an electricity producer with a production capacity of up to 15 kW, suitable for covering the electricity consumption of a household. In addition to consuming high quality electricity, the electricity produced can be sold to a suitable electricity seller.

Check the connection options

You can check the possibilities of connection before submitting the application.

Submit an application in self-service

The application can be easily and conveniently submitted in self-service.See the video guide

Submit an application via email

In order to receive an electricity producer's connection offer, a connection application must be submitted together with additional documents. This can be done via self-service or e-mail. To submit the application by e-mail, send the necessary documents and the completed form to the address [email protected].

Connection process

  1. 1

    Submit a connection application

    On the basis of the connection application, we will prepare a price offer within 30 days.

  2. 2

    Signing a connection contract

    We will sign a connection contract and begin the construction work required for the connection once the first instalment has been paid.

  3. 3

    Commissioning small production equipment

    To be able to start using your production equipment, send us a report on how the safety settings of the production equipment are set and a copy of the conformity audit report.

  4. 4

    Signing a network contract

    You need a network contract to be able to use the network connection.

  5. 5

    Buying and selling electricity

    To buy and sell electricity, you will have to sign an electricity contract with an electricity seller

How much does connection cost for a small producer?

The connection fee is determined during the preparation of the connection offer.

If the transmission capacity of the electricity network is not sufficient and needs to be increased, you will also have to pay for the necessary work and equipment and materials.

How long does connection take?

If no additional work needs to be done in the electricity network, then connection can take

up to 2 months

If additional work needs to be done in the electricity network, then connection can take

up to a year

What equipment is suitable?

See what equipment is compatible with our network.

If your selected equipment is not on our list, you should submit the appropriate documents concerning the model. Read more