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Electricity Producer (from 15 kW)

If you want to produce and sell electricity using production equipment with a capacity of more than 15 kW, you need to be connected as an electricity producer.

Connection application with documentation

In order to receive an electricity producer's connection offer, a connection application must be submitted together with additional documents. This can be done via self-service, e-mail or regular mail. To submit the application by e-mail, send the necessary documents and the completed form to the address [email protected].

The application can be easily and conveniently submitted in self-service

Steps for connecting as an electricity producer

  1. 1

    Indicative fee range

    Based on the connection application, we can give you a preliminary indication of the fee.

  2. 2

    Payment of the deposit

    If the indicative quote is acceptable, pay the deposit to receive a binding and definitive connection offer. After the deposit has been paid, we can prepare the quote.

  3. 3

    Signing a connection contract

    We will sign a connection contract and begin the construction work required for the connection once the first instalment has been paid.

  4. 4

    Signing a network contract

    You need a network contract to be able to use the network connection.

  5. 5

    Purchase and sale of electricity

    To buy and sell electricity, you will have to sign an electricity contract with an electricity seller.

How much does connection cost?

Actual cost + possible cost of Elering

The actual cost of construction and, if necessary, the additional cost of the reinforcement of the electricity network and/or the reinforcement of Elering's network, including a processing fee of €1600, a handling fee of €3300 and the cost of Elering's construction works.

How long does the connection process take?

2 months to 3 years

Connecting to the grid as an electricity producer is a complex process that can take from 2 months to 3 years, depending on the capacity of the production equipment and the state of the grid.