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Line issues and why it is important to report them

A line issue is an abnormal condition or functional problem of a power line (e.g., voltage issue) or a situation that poses a threat to electricity supply, property, the environment, or life (e.g., dangerous tree, leaning electricity pole).

How can you notify us?

Be sure to include high-quality photographic evidence!

High-quality photographic evidence allows us to diagnose line issues faster and more accurately and speeds up the problem-solving process. As such, it is important to take clear photographs of the cause of the line issue.

If you become aware of a line issue, please let us know by sending us a detailed description of the issue and the location, along with photographic evidence, via the dedicated online form. We are grateful for your report!

How long will it take to resolve the line issue?

The speed of resolving a line issue depends on the accuracy and level of detail of the information as well as the photographic evidence provided by the customer, which will be used to put together the best initial assessment. If we need additional information about the line issue and need to further investigate the situation on the spot, it will take significantly longer to resolve the matter. Depending on the severity of the issue, we will assign the required work to a partner for immediate execution or add it to our maintenance schedule for future execution.