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Outages map

Power failures known to us can be found on the map of interruptions. We also notify you of interruptions through the MARU appication and via SMS. If you do not have information about a power failure, let us know through MARU or by calling 1343.

Planned interruptions
All interruptions

Solving failures

Our dispatchers and repair brigade are ready to be deployed 24/7, 365 days a year, along with our partners who are ready to solve any issues.

All reports of medium-voltage failures are automatically forwarded to our control center, from where our dispatchers send our brigades to remedy the failure.

Reports of low-voltage failures are received through the MARU application or via customer service phone lines. Low-voltage failure notices are then processed by our specialists who will input them into our system that allows our dispatchers to send out the necessary brigades to fix them. Notification of low-voltage failures will then be displayed on the failure-tracking map and in the MARU application and/or forwarded via SMS to our clients.