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Damage prevention

Grid disturbances can be caused by weather conditions and works on the grid. By knowing the effects that disturbances and malfunctions can have on the equipment, you can take measures to prevent damage. We also recommend insuring your property and choosing an insurance package that also covers the risk of damage to electrical equipment.

Common causes of disruption

  • over voltage pulses due to thunder and power grid connection
  • voltage drops due to switching operations, short circuits and starting of electrical equipment
  • interruptions and scheduled maintenance
  • non-compliant supply voltage

Observe the CE marking on electrical equipment

For safety reasons, observe the CE marking on electrical equipment, which is the mandatory safety marking for appliances sold in the European Union. If an electrical appliance does not have the CE mark, the use of this appliance may be dangerous in our electrical system.

Impact on electronic devices

Voltage fluctuations and power cuts affect devices in different ways. Sensitive electronic devices as well as other property may be damaged.

How to protect your electrical appliances

During lightning storms, you can best protect your equipment by unplugging it beforehand. Additional protection devices can be installed for daily protection of electrical equipment. Order the installation of more complex equipment from a professional electrician.

Lightning protection system

Helps in case of over voltage caused by lightning or switching operation in the power grid.

Surge arresters

Protects electrical equipment from overvoltage and surges.


Provides protection in the event of short-term power outages.

Voltage stabilizer

Reduces voltage fluctuations by making substandard voltage more stable.

Engine protection

Engine circuit breaker. Protects devices with a 3-phase electric motor in case of phase loss or phase voltage drop.

Voltage control relay

Protects electrical equipment from both overvoltage and undervoltage.

Residual-current device

The RCD protects the electrical equipment or circuit in the event of an insulation failure by switching off the power in the event of an emergency, helping to prevent more serious electrical accidents.


Helps to keep emergency power supplies working in the event of a long-term power outage.