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The power supply may be interrupted from time to time. This is inevitable and stems from the construction of the electricity grid. Faults can be caused by both switching and faults, but also by force majeure, such as thunder.

Compensation for damages

  • If we do not rectify the fault within the time required by law, we will automatically reduce the network service fee on your invoice. The reduction in network charges will be reflected on the invoice of the month following the next at the latest.
  • However, if an event caused or controlled by us has caused damage to your property, we will compensate for the damage caused to you.

My property has been damaged due to incident caused by Elektrilevi.

Grounds for reimbursement

There are always three aspects for analysing damages related to power outages.

  1. The damage was caused by Elektrilevi or by an event controlled by us in the electricity network. So called force majeure events such as thunderstorms or severe storms causing interruptions which cannot be prevented by Elektrilevi. Interruptions caused by your own electrical system do not qualify for condition 1 either.

If condition 1 (ie the damage was caused by an event controlled by us, Elektrilevi), is met, the condition must also satisfy at least one of the following conditions:

  1. The interruption caused a surge in the voltage of your electrical system that exceeds the legal limit.
  2. Elimination of the interruption took longer than required by law for a specific period (12 h in summer and 16 h in winter).

Submitting claim for damages

  1. 1

    Submit a claim

    A claim can comfortably be submitted in self-service.

  2. 2


    After receiving the application, we will investigate the loss event. If necessary, we will contact you again to clarify the circumstances of the loss event.

  3. 3

    Communication of the result

    We will notify you of the decision within 15 days at the latest.