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Electricity market

There are two types of electricity providers on the Estonian electricity market - electricity sellers and network operators who deliver the electricity via the transmission network. The exchange of electricity consumption data between network operators and electricity sellers takes place through a central information exchange platform managed by Elering.

Network entrepreneurs

There is only one network operator delivering electricity and maintaining the transmission network in each service area, as it is more beneficial for the society in long term. Elektrilevi's transmission network covers 95% of Estonia. Our network area does not include Lääne county, Viimsi or Narva and its surrounding areas, where electricity is supplied by other network operators.

Functioning of the electricity market

The electricity market is an open market and a customer can choose an electricity seller of their liking. If the customer has not signed a network contract for some reason, they will be assigned to the general service to buy electricity.

One of the tasks of a grid operator is to measure the electricity consumption. The consumption is measured by the hour with remotely read meters and the data is sent to Elering's data warehouse every month. After grid operators have sent the metering data to Elering's data warehouse, electricity sellers can use the data for issuing electricity bills.

Now all electricity sellers can also send their customers joint bills for electricity and network services. If the electricity seller has not joined the joint billing system, the customer will receive separate network and electricity bills from different providers.

Electricity sellers in Elektrilevi's network

Here is a list of electricity sellers with customers in the Elektrilevi service area.

Electricity system

The Estonian electricity system connects power plants, network operators and electricity consumers and covers the processes and management of the production, transmission, distribution and storage of electricity.

How is the electricity transferred from the producer to the customer?

The transmission system operator Elering AS is responsible for ensuring that the Estonian electricity system operates as a whole. Elering is also a transmission system operator that runs transmission services in the high-voltage network at 110-330 kV.

The distribution network at 0.4-35 kV starts after the high-voltage network and the network operator distributes electricity to the consumer's connection point through the distribution network.

Just like other network operators, Elektrilevi is responsible for distributing electricity from the transmission system to places of consumption.