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Toleration payment for network cables

Toleration payment for utility networks is a compensation paid to a landowner for tolerating the power network, which is paid only on the basis of an application. Basis for paying toleration payments and processing applications

Elektrilevi OÜ is paying a toleration payment for tolerating cable lines on land units with the intended purpose of use of profit yielding land, and substations inside buildings.

Applying for toleration payment

Elektrilevi owns a wide power distribution network that is located on approximately 390 000 land units. If the power network is located on your immovable property, you can apply for payment for tolerating the power network.

Toleration payment for the current year is paid at the latest on 30th September of the same year if the application has been submitted at the latest by 1st May of the current year.

The location of cable lines owned by Elektrilevi and the right to receive toleration payment can be checked in the Land Board Toleration payment calculator.

The application can be submitted via self-service

Only the owner of an immovable property or their authorized representative has the right to submit the application.

The application can also be submitted digitally signed via e-mail to [email protected]

Scope of the restricted zone

The location of the lines belonging to Elektrilevi and the right of receiving the Compensation for Utility Networks can be checked using the Land Board's geoportal.

It is also possible for the landowner to apply for a Compensation for Tolerating Utility Networks for the restricted zone of the power grid that is on the property. The extent of the restricted zone depends on the Elektrilevi's facility located on the property.

The restricted zone of the overhead contact line extends over both side of the line axesUnderground cable restricted zone from the outermost cablesRestricted zone for substations and switchgears from the fence, wall or device
up to 1 kV2 m1 m2 m
1 to 35 kV overhead cable3 m
1 kV to 35 kV10 m
35 kV to 110 kV25 m