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Why is it necessary to maintain the power network and its surroundings?

Maintenance work is necessary for the smooth delivery of electricity to homes, preventing breakdowns and ensuring safety. Maintenance works include maintenance and repair works of the power network and maintenance of line corridors.

What is being done during maintenance work?

  • Maintenance works of the power network include replacement of power line poles, lines and cables, maintenance of equipment etc. 
  • During line corridor maintenance, trees, shrubs and branches that can be dangerous and cause power outages are removed from the areas around transmission lines and substations. At the same time, maintained line corridors ensure good access to power lines and contribute to the faster resolution of power outages. 

Drone flyovers

The need for maintenance works is determined by flying drones over the premises of landowners and inspecting the power network. Information is stored only for the purpose of making decisions regarding maintenance works. The operation of drones is subject to the requirements and guidelines of the Estonian Transport Administration.

Leave us your contact information!

Dear customer or landowner! If a power line crosses your property, please leave us your contact information so we could inform you of maintenance works well in advance. This way you will always be aware of the necessary information and from our side we can ensure a pleasant and smooth cooperation.

You can update your contact information in our Self-Service.

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