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Metering data

Electricity meters and metering data are essential to ensure correct billing. We manage more than 700,000 meters across Estonia, collecting their metering data on an hourly basis. This page provides useful information about electricity meters and the reporting of metering data (readings).

How is metering data transmitted?

Electricity consumption is measured in real time. The recorded metering data is transmitted to our information system via both power lines and wireless transmission methods. The information system verifies the accuracy of metering data, validates and, in the absence of metering data, estimates consumption. We transmit all metering data to the self-service and the Elering data warehouse.

Electricity sellers prepare the invoices based on the metering data provided by Elering.

Electricity meters

The meter must be connected to the power grid at all times. To shut off electricity supply, please use the switch on the meter, not the main fuse. The switch should also be used, for example, when you leave your summer house for an extended period of time. This way we can be sure that the meter at your point of consumption is in working order. The only exception is electrical work; in this case, electricity must be switched off directly from the main fuse to ensure safety.

Remote reading

Modern meters allow for remote reading of metering data. This means that readings are transmitted to us automatically, eliminating the need for you to report them to us each month. Smart meters measure electricity consumption with hourly accuracy and transmit information on the amount of electricity consumed at least once a day. Most meters transmit information through the same power lines that deliver electricity to the house. A small number of meters transmit information through mobile communication networks. You can conveniently view your electricity consumption in our self-service.

Estimation of metering data

If we do not receive actual consumption data by the time the invoice is generated, we will prepare your invoice based on estimated consumption data.

We calculate estimated electricity consumption based on your past consumption.

If you receive an invoice based on estimates, upon receipt of actual metering data we will recalculate the consumption according to actual consumption and adjust the invoices accordingly.

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